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Not what you'd expect

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1Not what you'd expect Empty Not what you'd expect on Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:20 pm


15-min with Rob… not Edward, but Rob would probably come out something like this:

“Rob, who are you hanging around with these days? Don’t let this fame and fortune go to your head! Being so young (22?) and having all this available cash – please don’t spend foolishly. Plus all these girls throwing themselves at you, why, it would be a temptation for any man, so keep your pants up! Get your head out of the clouds, and make sure you take out your own garbage every now and then. You need to remember, fame is fleeting – and you will be aging. Get grounded and entrench yourself with family and true friends, so you can ‘live a long and happy life’ with us – your fans.”

Spoken like the Mom that I am!
...now 15-minutes with Edward would be another story!

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