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I hope I'm doing this right!

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1 I hope I'm doing this right! on Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:02 pm

I have several- one major one that I recall is this one- After Bella has found out about Edward and he follows her into the woods, so intense and exciting and she says I trust you, she tries to kiss him, and he leaps up into the tree. A few moments later after he explains about his family, then:

Edward- It's you! Your scent! It's like a drug to me. You're my own personal brand of Heroin.

The intense look in his eyes sent me over the edge, SWOON!!!!

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2 Re: I hope I'm doing this right! on Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:03 pm

There's more, but I have things to do!

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3 Re: I hope I'm doing this right! on Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:52 pm


My absolute favorite scene is the prom scene... from Jacob staring him down, to the doll-face look on Edward's face in the prom.. but the gazebo scene makes me drool every time.

Of course, the bedroom scene and the hawt kiss, but I ADORE the end of that scene when she holds on to him and he backs his arm away. The look on his face is just priceless; he's so torn wanting to hold her back but unsure of his abilities... rawr...

I love the reveal scene- when he presses her against the rock, and, like Suzanne, when she goes in for the kiss and it scares him back.

And of COURSE... the restaurant scene. The whole thing. His eyes. AMAZING. "I don't have the strength to.. stay away from you anymore..." *drops dead*

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4 Re: I hope I'm doing this right! on Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:09 pm

Agree with all of the above, but must add oe of my other faves. I LOVE the scene in Edward's bedroom. First of all, he looks SO HAWT!!! His make-up is more natural, so he looks more real, but more than that is his vulnerability in that scene. He is so nervous about her being there, plus knowing the scene from the book where he is happy that she knows all his secrets, makes me just love that part! Plus, the "spider monkey" line is so cute!

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5 Re: I hope I'm doing this right! on Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:49 pm


The spider monkey line is one of my FAVES! I know it's not in the book, but come ON- isn't it just the sexiest?! I had that line "you better hold on tight, spider monkey" set as my text notifier for the longest time... until I got tired of my family rolling their eyes...

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6 Re: I hope I'm doing this right! on Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:47 am

Ahhh yes, the kiss. THAT is another. Oooohhhh, that subtile lighting and those lips, that jaw, his intensity, the heavy breathing, and the passion igniting between the two!! WoooooWeeeeeeeee!!!!!! And it's over way too quick. Sad

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7 Re: I hope I'm doing this right! on Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:00 am

Yeah JennyW the "vulnerability in that scene" in his bedroom was superb. I've seen the extended version and am glad they cut it out. Edward seems to be looking for some sort of approval from Bella, like "this is what I am, besides being a vampire".
Although, I would love to know what he wrote in all those journals!?

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8 Re: I hope I'm doing this right! on Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:18 pm

Love the whole prom scene too--especially the look that Jacob and Edward give each other--great foreshadowing. I know it is obvious, but I loved the baseball scene--especially the part where Rob flips of Kellan. I didn't really like the part where they stand off at the end--it looks a little cheezy.

I absolutely loved any scene with Charlie in it--especially the one with the gun (and Vitamin R) right before he meets Edward. I am from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle specifically, and grew up knowing (and drinking) Vitamin R. My friends and I all loved that they put this in the movie as a little inside joke for us Pacific Northwesterners. I had a lot of issues with 'Twilight' but Billy Burke as Charlie really saved it for me.

I also really loved the scene when Edward is putting the baseball hat on Bella by her truck--I think it is such an endearing moment and you can see how Edward has relaxed and seems happier. I love it when he fixes the dent on the truck as well. Also, the scene in the parking lot of the school when he puts his arm around her. That was such a triumphant moment and funny too.

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