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Finally Back

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1Finally Back Empty Finally Back on Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:55 am


Yipee - finally back. Was reading my fellow PB’s comments on Easter Sunday and by that afternoon I was in ER with emergency surgery, (not due to the blog of course), but left myself logged in no less – sorry PB!

Anyway, so I’m laying on the OR table getting prepped, and what’s going through my mind? Hearing Rob sing those beautiful words from Let Me Sign “…I will wrap you in my arms…And hold you safe”, complete with full background music, all playing in my head as the anesthesia took me to unconsciousness. In recovery I was playing Bella’s Theme “listening” to the keys being played staccato, plus I threw in Claire De Lune just to focus on relaxing. This is my reward for having played the music over and over so many times – Thanks Twilight Soundtrack & Score.

Once to the room (no WiFi), all I wanted was my BD book study and reading glasses. Had 3 full days of nursing care and Edwad at my disposal - sweet.
So I’m home, recovering, and reading all the great comments! Thanks for the entertainment everyone!
Ouch ... now where's my vicodin? drunken

2Finally Back Empty Re: Finally Back on Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:08 am


RocDay--so sorry to hear this--I am glad you are OK. It is nice to know that all things Twilight helped pull you through. It is nice to have you back. Take care of yourself. At least typing isn't too strenuous. Smile

3Finally Back Empty Re: Finally Back on Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:38 am


Thanks so much. Nope, typing in this safehaven isn't strenuous at all, especially as I'm listening to the music. Did I happen to mention that I love the music from the movie? Very Happy
I'm sick! tongue

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