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This basically sums it up...

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1This basically sums it up... Empty This basically sums it up... on Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:18 am

Jessica Cullen

It all started out with my Christmas wish list,
What do you want? What do we get?
Some new slippers perhaps, new towels are a must
Oh, and those vampire books, I want to see what's all the fuss.
So after Christmas one morning, I finally had time
To open my new book and read the first line.
I was hooked right away! I could put it down,
For the next 2 days I couldn't be found.
And so it continued from Twilight to Dawn,
Never before had reading been so fun!
In the midst of it all, some good luck for me,
The movie was still playing, I would actually get to see!
It was as perfect as I ever could have dreamed,
Bella, Edward- I loved every scene.
And then came the night the last page was read,
Tears streaming down my face, I sadly went to bed.
Lying there I finally realized why,
This story so touched my little life.
Being a mom is what I do,
From dawn to dusk the whole day through,
My children and husband are my whole world,
But inside this mom there is a girl...
Who was lucky enough to find her true love,
But often forgets in all the hub-bub,
How it felt to be in that place,
Where all that exists is his face,
And all that matters is the two of you,
Against all odds you'll make it through.
And if only 2 people ever read this,
It was worth it to write it so I could express,
The magic of this story helped to find the part-
That ever so gently restarted my heart.

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