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Cullenized is late to this party!

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1Cullenized is late to this party! Empty Cullenized is late to this party! on Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:42 pm


Boy I've been out of my Twi loop lately and so sorry to have missed you all here! Loving the new Twilight Moonlighter site, trying to get the hang of posting as PB's webby apprentice and gearing up for TwiTour coming to the east coast in 16 - count 'em! - 16 days! So real quick. . .

I'm a mom of two DDs (12 and 9) in Southern Maryland, completely obsessed with the Saga, major girl crush on Steph (because you know, we're like BFF's so I call her that), and have read the series 4 3/4 times (because I'm just part of the way through Breaking Dawn for the 5th read right now.) Totally recruited my sister into this fold and now she's an addict too. At least we have each other (and all of you), right?

DH totally doesn't get it but he doesn't mind that I have Pocket Edward and two posters watching over me in my home office. Work full time in sales, and Twilight is my stress relief!

Anywho, that's me and now you know =) Love all my Twi-Mom buddies!!


2Cullenized is late to this party! Empty Re: Cullenized is late to this party! on Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:35 pm


Hey Fellow poster and mama! LOVE that we're working "together"! Amazing how technology works! I love that we're on opposite coasts and have come together in the TwiWorld!!! So close, yet so far! LOL

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