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WELCOME, Fellow Pillow Biter!

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1WELCOME, Fellow Pillow Biter! Empty WELCOME, Fellow Pillow Biter! Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:31 am



If you've been on the forums of some *other* sites (not all of them- just a couple that shall remain nameless, because that's the way I roll), you'll find lengthy disclaimers requesting that you watch your P's and Q's in conversation. *Yaawwnn*


A) No fellow Twilighter bashing allowed, but topical opinions and friendly banter are always welcome.

B) Sometimes things here will be rated R for Rawr. I'm not going to censor anyone who says, "Damm Edward Cullen." I've been known to spew it a time or two.

C) If you have to leave to go love on DH or your kids for awhile, we understand. Spend time with them, then come back to gab. It happens to the best of us.

D) We're educated, intelligent women, and this is a safe haven to discuss all things Twilight without fear of retribution. We understand your thoughts, obsessions, and undulating desire to twist your fingers in Rob's squirrels and mousse sex hair.


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