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The Werewolf Pack

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1The Werewolf Pack Empty The Werewolf Pack Wed Apr 22, 2009 1:44 am



So by now you've seen the Werewolf Pack official half-nekked boys poster... what do you think of it?

Here's my thoughts:
A- It's missing Mr. Lautner; a MUST-HAVE. I miss his 30 pounds of muscle. I want to see those sick puppies him more than anything!
B- Those boys are ok; but they don't do much for me. Maybe seeing them morphing into wolves will be better, but if it does do something for me then, then I'm just sick. And not in a good way.
C- The recent pics of Rob Pattinson are sooo yummmy; his sweet, sad face does more to rev me up than half-naked pics of the wolfie boys. Call me crazy...



2The Werewolf Pack Empty Re: The Werewolf Pack Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:23 pm


I agree with you Kim, that Rob's face just far more to my pulse than the wolf pack, but that said the wolf pack boys are pretty hawt! I was also wondering why Mr. Lautner isn't in the pics, I guess b/c we are already familiar with him?

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