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The commentary

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1The commentary Empty The commentary Sun Apr 26, 2009 4:34 am


I’ve watched the commentary almost as much as the movie. It is one of the most entertaining I have ever seen/heard.

Kristen Stewart is generally quite professional, Catherine Hardwicke gushes too much, and you can almost hear her cringing at some of things Rob says, but Rob is absolutely hilarious.

Anyone else? What are your favourite comments?

2The commentary Empty Re: The commentary Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:29 pm



I, too, LOVE the commentary. In fact, my husband actually enjoyed watching it with the commentary. I have watched with the commentary a couple of times and here are two things I picked up on: First--it seems like they took out the commentary during the whole kiss scene in Bella's bedroom. It gets totally quiet for a while. Considering everything they commented on I find it hard to believe there was nothing said. I imagine Rob said something very snarky and they removed it. Second--I kind of got the impression that Catherine started getting a little annoyed with Rob and Kristen making fun of themselves and pointing out all the things that were wrong with the movie(ie--Emmett eating, seeing the edges of their contacts in close-ups, Rob questioning her about the view from the bushes when Bella walks out of the bookstore, etc.) I think I got a little secret satisfaction from this because I have some big issues with the movie.

One of my favorite things about the commentary was that Catherine did finally clear up a question that I had. I live in Seattle and grew up with Rainier Beer around and absolutely loved when Charlie called it "Vitamin R" in the movie--this is what us Pacific Northwesterners refer to it as (hence my online name). I had wondered if Billy Burke threw that line in there because he is from the Pacific Northwest. Well, in the commentary she finally divulged that he added that in. Loved that.

I thought having the three of them there doing the commentary was brilliant. Normally commentary bores me to tears--I almost prefer watching the movie with it on. I hope they do this on the rest of the future DVDs.

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