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hello everyone!

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1hello everyone! Empty hello everyone! Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:55 pm



hey everyone im stacey and from texas. I am a new mom and a twi-hard. it is embarrassing at times... but what is comforting is that i know im not alone, AND that there are plenty of women who are in the closet about their twilight obsession so i should just be proud!! i am a new mom and a happily married woman to a hubby who doesnt understand but tolerates my twilight and edward obsession. I want to start by asking... is it bad that last night to get my fire going after a hard day and a hubby who wanted some lovin' i was imagining getting busy with rob patz?? i hope not.. bc it worked!!! not to put my hubby down bc he's handsome and smart treats my like a queen, and as i say again tolerates my random obsession with twilight... but sometimes a girl needs a little flint for her fire, right????


2hello everyone! Empty Re: hello everyone! Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:02 pm


Thats great to hear Im not the only one! Except, Im not really attracted to R Patz.. But Edward for sho! R-Patz is a great Edward!

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