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New to the Forum...not new to Twilight!

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1New to the Forum...not new to Twilight! Empty New to the Forum...not new to Twilight! on Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:31 pm


Hi Everyone!

Since I joined PB's website staff I thought maybe I'd jump in here and introduce myself!!! I have a GREAT love for all things Twilight. It healed my heart and gave me an escape during a really difficult time and so it's become my small obsession.

Very few people in my real life know how truly obsessed I am. Even my DH has only a small inkling of how really into it I am. So, my Twilight world is really lived online with good people such as yourselves...people who understand!Smile No one else quite understands this about me! Even friends who have read Twilight and loved it don't understand why it means what it means to me.

I'm happy to be here among those who "get it"!!!

Twilight Nightingale

2New to the Forum...not new to Twilight! Empty Hi on Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:37 pm


So glad to meet you. I can truly relate to the love of the series. Glad to have you here. I just rejoined so I hope that we can share our Twlight stories!

I went to the convention this summer and had a blast!

Which book is your favorite?

3New to the Forum...not new to Twilight! Empty Re: New to the Forum...not new to Twilight! on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:14 pm


Oh! Loaded question! It would be a really close tie between Twilight and Eclipse. Seriously a tie between the romance in Twilight and the darker, more intense side of Eclipse!

What did you enjoy most about the convention? I think my DH would disown me if I went to one! LOL

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