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When life gives you lemons, read Twlight!

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1When life gives you lemons, read Twlight! Empty When life gives you lemons, read Twlight! on Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:19 am


I got hooked on the saga by my students. Actually my oldest daughter teaches high school and she told me that I should read the series. Reluctantly I said I would try as previous experience in vampire books left me a bit dry. In the meantime two of my middle school students were reading New Moon. If all this was not enough my youngest daughter, a seventh grader, started Twilight for her book goal. All signs pointed to "try" and read the first book. I started on a Tuesday, our class library checkout day. I got the book and started reading. By lunch I snuck my book to the table and read some more. Several middle schoolers were snickering by this time. I smiled and kept reading. I finished Twilight the next day, picked up New Moon and read that one in 3 days. Had a hard time with that one due to my feeling Bella's extreme depression. (Had some great class discussions on characters )WOW good writing hmmmm thought maybe I should keep reading. Went on to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn aand read the whole series in 12 days. Shocked Next I started coaxing some of my reluctant readers to try the books. Ended up with over half my class (47 students) reading the series, including the boys! Interesting perspective the guys have on the books versus the girls. (But thats another story)From there we had discussions on writing techniques, authors purpose, and perspective of the reader. What a hit! Interesting fact.. the kids who would not read before, then read the series, are now reading other series (they want more from the saga) and loving reading! Smile Smile

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